Rau Blinken talk Anthony Blinken Russia Ukraine US Zbigniew Rau News Poland

Blinken reaffirms US commitment to sovereignty of Ukraine in phone call with Polish foreign minister

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reassured NATO allies of the United States’ commitment to Ukraine in the face of continued Russian aggression during a phone call with Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, confirmed Secretary of State spokesman Ned Price. “The secretary reaffirmed the United States’ firm commitment to support the sovereignty and territorial […]
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Taliban Afghanistan US fall of Kabul Afghanistan isolationism Kabul Airport Traditional Values US News Poland
2 YEARS AGOAfghanistan isolationism Kabul Airport Traditional Values US News Poland

Traditional America with its patriotic values is long gone, says Polish professor and politician

“Today, American society is much more polarized, differentiated, atomized, and in huge cities, jaded. Even American elites are people with completely different approaches to life than 20 or 30 years ago, when traditional American values were still alive.”

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Evacuations Islamic State Kabul Airport Suicide Bombings US Afghanistan News
2 YEARS AGOEvacuations Islamic State Kabul Airport Suicide Bombings US Afghanistan News

Bloodbath at Kabul Airport: 70 dead, including 13 US troops; 150 wounded in ISIS bombings

At least 70 people, including a dozen U.S. service members, were killed on Thursday when Islamic State militants detonated two bombs that ripped through crowds outside of the American-controlled airport in Kabul, Pentagon officials said.

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Poland US Restitution law Andrzej Duda Holocaust Jakub Kumoch resititution law US US Congress News Poland
2 YEARS AGOAndrzej Duda Holocaust Jakub Kumoch resititution law US US Congress News Poland

Polish presidential minister responds to US senators’ letter to president Duda concerning restitution law amendment

“President Duda’s possible signing of the bill will be guided by the highest interest of the Republic of Poland and its citizens in mind,” said Minister Jakub Kumoch

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Former Polish FM Waszczykowski EU POLAND RUSSIA GERMANY energy blackmail Germany Nord Stream 2 Russia US Witold Waszczykowski News Poland
2 YEARS AGOenergy blackmail Germany Nord Stream 2 Russia US Witold Waszczykowski News Poland

Poland should receive compensation for NS2 in the area of security, says former Polish FM

Russia will use Nord Stream 2 not only for energy blackmail but also to increase Baltic military presence under the pretext of protecting gas installations, warns former FM Witold Waszczykowski

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