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After EU court rejects ‘Stop Soros’ law, what comes next?

As Remix News reported earlier, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled against a 2018 Hungarian legislation nicknamed the ‘Stop Soros’ package which penalized aiding illegal migration. The law was drafted after the peak of the migrant invasion of Europe, during which millions of economic migrants and asylum seekers flooded the EU’s member states, […]
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2 YEARS AGOEnergy European Commission gas green energy Hungary Viktor Orbán European Union Hungary

EU’s energy policy in disarray, while prices in much maligned Hungary remain stable

Hungarians have the lowest energy costs in Europe, and Viktor Orbán is calling on the EU to end its “stupid” green energy plan. What can Europe learn from Hungary’s policies to help save it from a full-blown energy crisis?

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2 YEARS AGOAndrej Babiš Czechia Hungary Politics Viktor Orbán Commentary Poland

The curious friendship between Viktor Orbán and Andrej Babiš

The Hungarian PM is openly supporting his Czech counterpart prior to the Czech elections despite Hungary’s feud with EU commissioner Vera Jourova, who hails from the same party as Andrej Babiš, writes columnist Grzegorz Górny

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